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South Tyneside Food Bank South Tyneside Food Bank

South Tyneside Food Bank

In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, The South Tyneside Food Bank is currently open weekdays between 10am and 11am, to provide emergency help for people in the area facing food poverty. Please read on to find out how you can access or support the Food Bank.

How do I get a parcel from the Food Bank?

Our Food Bank works on a referral system where care professionals such as housing charities, social workers, children's centres, health professionals and others identify people in crisis and issue them with one of our Food Bank vouchers.  


This order is then sent to us by email or phoned through to the food bank number where details are given for pick up at an agreed time either by the client or their representative. Referrals can be made to the Food Bank by emailing

What will be in the parcel from the Food Bank?

The food parcel contains a three day supply of meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Each parcel will contain enough food for those specified on the voucher from a single person to a family. These parcels include extra items over and above the basics, such as jam, biscuits etc as donations allow.


What happens if I have a food allergy?

This should be highlighted on the voucher which will be filled in by one of our referral partners. Please make sure that you highlight this to them or any other food preference eg. vegetarian.

How do we get food from the Food Bank?

Food comes from various sources, non-perishable, in-date food is donated from churches, schools, individuals and local businesses.  Supermarket collections are another major source of our donations where shoppers are asked to buy an extra item or two for local people in crisis.


How is food stored in the Food Bank?

Volunteers sort food, date it and shelve it, in date and product order so that it is ready to be made into food parcels for people in need.  Parcels are made to a specific order ensuring that nutritional meals can be made from various ingredients.

Can I get toiletries from the Food Bank?

Toiletries such as toothpastes, deodorants, shower gels and sanitary products are also available and can be requested on the Food Bank Voucher. 


Can I use the shower and laundry facility while visiting the Food Bank?

Yes, you are welcome to have a shower, get some clean clothes from our clothing bank and use the washing machine and dryer.



Can I have pet food in my food parcel from the Food Bank?

We have a limited amount of dog and cat food availble within our stores. Please add this to your referral and we will do our best to help.


How can I support the Food Bank?

We are grateful for any support you, your organisation or church can give us. If would like to donate food or toiletries or you are interested in volunteering then please see our How can you help page.