Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

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Our Vision

Our Vision at Hospitality & Hope is:-  'To provide food shelter & a future to vulnerable and homeless people in South Tyneside'


Each day we see first hand how a lack of 'Hope' through difficult circumstances, whatever they may be, can affect a person's outlook and their future. Through access to our services, we look to respond to the crisis that each person is facing in a practical way, through our mission to deliver crisis relief and long-term support to individuals and families in our community. Through our foodbank, wellbeing programmes and supported housing, we offer practical help to people affected with food poverty related issues such as debt, benefits, addiction,homelessness, employability and mental health.


Our Values

Our Values, which are woven into the fabric of everything we do and drive our strategy and our activities are:-


Compassion - Reaching out with a heart and care for others, responding with understanding and a compelling desire to support.


Integrity - Shaping all our deliberations, discussions and decisions in ways that are upright, ethical and morally sound.


Inclusive - Welcoming and respecting in equal measure, that all may feel valued.


Empowerment - Equipping and enabling all to be free from that which has hold.