Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Paul Oliver - Chief Executive

Paul's role is to lead the charity and support the staff and volunteer teams to deliver our portfolio of services.  Paul works closely with the Board of Trustees in the area of Strategy and Governance, covering the areas of Strategic Leadership, Communications and Organisational Resilience. 

Neil Toomey  - Housing Project Leader

Neil's role is to manage the vulnerable & homeless into the Chai Community. He nurtures, encourages and equips people to live good and purposeful lives while fostering a sense of community with the residents. This is achieved through individual care plans, assisting individuals towards greater independence. Neil also works closely with our Coffee House Manager Dani, to provide volunteering, customer service training and work experience with our residents.

Dani Soulsby  - Coffee House Manager

Dani is our Coffee House Manager and she plans and manages the effective operation of the coffee shop. Working with our coffee shop team Pam, Ian and Adam, she cultivates a warm and welcoming environment, creating a sense of community, ensuring all staff and volunteers are equipped and trained to excel in their roles. Dani also works to promote the coffee shop in the local area as well as maintaining excellence in the area of food quality and customer satisfaction.

Stephen Williamson  - Food Bank Co-ordinator

Stephen manages our food bank operation, manging the referrals system, warehousing and overseeing the food bank volunteers. He also co-ordinates our various collections and deliveries, working closely with our supermarket partners and donors.



Ann-Marie Diamond - Wellbeing Project Support Worker

Ann-Marie works across our various services providing clients with deeper long-term support. She provides various tailored wellbeing sessions, in a group and a one-to-one basis.



Carol Gorman - Funding Officer

Carol chairs our strategic funding group, made up of stakeholders from our trustees, finance and senior leadership of the charity, to plan and manage our funding pipeline from inception through to delivery and evaluation.

Maureen Gribben  - Volunteer Co-ordinator

Maureen manages our volunteer programme as well as providing practical support to all of our Hampden Street activities. This includes the recruitment, onboarding and support of volunteers, ensuring volunteer roles and activities are planned and resourced appropriately. Maureen also assists with centre activities, while developing strong partnerships with local schools, agencies and stakeholders to our community.

Jill Dowling  - Administrative Support

Jill assists with the support of our Hampden Street Centre Operations, managing our numerous inbound enquiries and provides data entry support. She also assists with the support of our volunteer programme in the resourcing our volunteer base as well as practical assistance during our various client activities.