Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

We have a Charity Single!

Our Own Heroes, Hospitality & Hope Charity Single 2018!

Last year our clients wrote and recorded their own Charity Single through one of our wellbeing activities. Below are some of their stories on how their lives have been impacted through the programme:-


"I have always enjoyed singing but never thought that I would ever get into a recording studio to produce a song...It was an uplifting experience which I thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait to do it again" - Stan Johnson (aged 96)


"It made me feel inspiring...I have never been able to do this kind of thing...I would really like to continue with the singing group" - Amanda Conway


"It was brilliant going to the recording studio to do the song" - Michelle Neal


"It got us out of the house...and got us doing some singing! - Michael Scott


" It was a really friendly atmosphere which helped me with self confidence...It was enjoyable and supportive and helped with team building too" - Keith

Wider support through our wellbeing programmes includes offering free activities and training courses to help improve communication skills and develop social bonds. It was during our free Vocal Coaching and Performance Sessions that the idea for a charity single was given birth. Clients were taught how to read/write simple rhythmical patterns; how to sing and connect as a choir; to harmonise with each other; to recognise how music can be used to express feelings of love, loss and hope, and to bring people closer together.


"I thought it was marvellous...never ever thought that we would be able to produce a record..." - Mark Turnbull


"It was great to learn how to write a song and then record it...I wish we could have done more songs..." - Mark Easom


Since launching the single, the group have been "on the road" and performed at various events, including the Hospitality & Hope Christmas Meal. If you would like to support our Charity Single, you can view and download it here:-


Hospitality & Hope - Charity Single