Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Stefan's Story

Being Trusted is Such a Big Thing...

Before coming to the charity, Stefan had been in prison for a long sentence.


“It was really strange...I had been too institutionalised by the prison service...I didn’t want to leave...”


"I had made links with a church and the charity while in prison. On my release ‘I didn’t know if I could trust anyone’. But since my arrival at the supported living accommodation in March 2018, everyone (other residents; clients of the charity; and the support staff) has been very friendly and supportive." 


“The support has been the biggest thing that has helped me to move forward...I didn’t think people would trust me but they have...”


"The Cafe Manager has given training on the job and I now volunteer twice a week mainly preparing food and going downstairs to monitor stock...being trusted is such a big thing...all of the support that I have been given has made me a better person and supported me to get back into the community. Volunteering and work experience has kept me active and given me a focus which has allowed me to plan for the future. I now have a support network (church; family and the charity) where I know I can get support in my journey moving forward."