Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Richard's Story

I didn’t think people were honest and would want to support me...


I was suicidal; addicted to drugs; scared; paranoid; fearful of life; and had just been evicted. I had lost everything in my life...especially my daughter...and only had the clothes I stood up in.


I was rescued by a member of the church who introduced me to the charity as I had run out of options and needed support. Now, three months on, I have a positive role model; a positive outlook; a safe environment; and structure and support to enable me to move forward to a point where I now have regular access to my daughter (previously not had much access since 2015). My daughter is the most important thing in my life and previously I could not understand why my parents would not allow me to take her out. But now I get it... I now see life in high definition; feeling positive; it is the happiest time of my life... I didn’t think people were honest and would want to support me. I have learnt the benefit of living in the ‘now’. I see a future with my daughter; of having a job and being a good role model for my child.


The photo used below was taken during our client wellbeing photography programme