Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Meet Mark

Confidence Through Cooking...

Mark started by joining the Lets Get Cooking sessions in October 2017. “I was quite scared at the start...I did not know what to expect”. The tutor, Jamie was great, always explaining what to do. I really bonded with the tutor and she made the group feel comfortable. I have never had that learning experience before when the learning environment was relaxed, everyone supporting each other and knowing that if I did not understand something that she would always answer questions in a way that I would understand.


We cooked some great dishes and learnt a lot along the way. Everyone in the group got along really well and it was fun to be there. After the cooking sessions I progressed to singing. This was the best bit of all of the things that I did. The tutor was amazing and was able to make the connections with the group from the very beginning. She took the group from scratch to being able to understand music, sing in harmony and then write our own song and hopefully we are going to record it. Jenn always tailored the sessions to the groups’ interests and had such patience with us all. My confidence grew enormously and I visited local venues to hear local bands perform. I would not have done this before attending the programme.


The photo used below was taken during our client wellbeing photography programme