Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Meet Keith

I Was a Lost Soul...


In his own words, this is what Keith has gained from being part of Hospitality & Hope:


“At the beginning, I was a lost soul with no confidence, low moods, suicidal thoughts and no real future in my life. Since attending Hospitality and Hope I have greatly improved and with the help and support of the staff and volunteers, I have improved the way that I look at life. The courses and activities that have been running have been a huge benefit and have made a great difference in how I mix with others. Cooking, music, a visit to the theatre and ten pin bowling are just a few of the activities that have been running. It has been great being part of a group and helping others by being part of a team and communicating."


"I hope that in the future, the activities will commence again. It really changed me as I tend to keep myself to myself. So it was nice to mix with others. Everyone seemed to enjoy the activities and I think that it is a great way to distract you from hard times and your mental health improves. Since the activities have stopped, I am slowly going back to my old ways which is not what I want. So the activities and mixing with like-minded people should continue as it is a great way to develop yourself.”


The photo used below was taken during our client wellbeing photography programme