Trustees & Governance

Trustees & Governance


Hospitality & Hope is a registered charity (1159213). We have a board of Trustees who have independent control over, and legal responsibility for, the charity’s management and administration. This role is voluntary and unpaid and all members share equal responsibility. The main legal responsibilities of the Trustees are to:


-Ensure the charity is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit.

-Comply with the charity’s governing document and the law.

-Act in the charity’s best interests.

-Manage resources responsibly.

-Act with reasonable care and skill.

-Ensure the charity is accountable.


Our governing document provides the framework under which we operate. In addition to legal and regulatory requirements under charity law, trustees are required to ensure that all legal responsibilities directly associated with the delivery of our services (e.g. employing staff and managing buildings) are also met. There are comprehensive policies and procedures in place, approved by the Trustees, from safeguarding to diversity and health and safety. Financial policies and procedures are well established which meet legal requirements and good practice. Within these legal frameworks, the Trustees are responsible for directing the strategic development of the charity. 


Regular ‘away day’ sessions are held to review progress and develop new ideas. Currently our Board of Trustees has seven members and is well established. Collectively they have a good range of skills and qualities and a variety of professional and personal experience. There are nominated roles of Chair and Treasurer as well as a representative from our volunteers who is able to provide a direct link between the governance and extensive volunteer support (usually a team in the region of 65 members). There is a good gender balance, representatives from the local area and specialists from other regions including the founder of a similar organisation in Yorkshire. The Board of Trustees have a wide range of expertise within their membership:


Pauline Tinnelly (Chair)

Pauline has more than 20 years experience of being a Trustee including four years with Hospitality & Hope. During most of that time she had shared responsibility for the day to day management of the charity as Executive Chairperson. She brings with her experience, at a senior level, of working within the insurance sector (commercial and local authority) with extensive experience of managing large budgets, risk management and health and safety.


Sir David Chapman Bt. DL (Patron)

David has a background in finance and investments and is an experienced Non Executive Director and Chairman, on the boards of both publicly quoted and private companies. He has held Trustee positions with both national and local charities including the British Lung Foundation. the Industrial Trust, the Northern Rock Foundation, the Northumbria Coalition Against Crime and the High Sheriff's Award. He is an experienced and successful fundraiser supported by his financial background and extensive network of contacts.


Sue Chilton (Treasurer) In her role as Trustee Treasurer, Sue holds Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 4 qualifications. In her professional career before retiring, she worked at a senior management level within South Tyneside Council with specific responsibility for Community Associations. This involved managing an annual £3m budget, 150 staff, 20 community centres, HR issues and an adviser to Trustee Boards of Community Associations.


Peter Maloney

Peter has worked within the fast paced and dynamic Telecommunications sector for the last 15 years. Currently a senior leader within an international company, he has an extensive and successful track record in Operations and Change including Operational and Relationship Management, change governance and planning, portfolio and programme leadership and strategy development.


Ann Rodgers

As a volunteer, Ann has extended her involvement and has taken responsibility as a Trustee with specific responsibility for representing our volunteers. She has over 35 years’ experience in the voluntary sector including YMCA, Citizens Advice and also as a school governor. Ann has worked extensively with the young homeless in a hostel setting and adult homeless in wet hostels and with street homeless. 


Sarah Green

Currently employed by Virgin Money, Sarah has 18 years’ experience of working within large FTSE 250 companies holding positions covering strategic, marketing and sales within a regulated environment.


Louise Lydon

Louise has worked as a community pharmacist in South Tyneside for over 20 years since graduating from Sunderland school of pharmacy in 2000.

Louise is passionate about tackling local health inequalities and sits on various alliancing boards / groups including long-term conditions, flu and Covid, smoking, drug and alcohol.

She is an independent prescriber and a champion for extending the role of the community pharmacist, working outreach within communities.

Louise’s other professional roles include being the South Tyneside and Gateshead Local Pharmacy Committee secretary, a member of the South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group, a visiting lecturer at Sunderland University School of Pharmacy as well as now joining our wonderful team of trustees.


Where there are gaps in expertise we have access to specialist support including HR that is offered at no cost. The Board of Trustees meet monthly to ensure they are able to meet their legal responsibilities. The agenda each month will include reports from each of the main service areas. These will outline progress made and highlight any areas for action that need to be considered. Detailed management accounts are also presented by the Treasurer. Other agenda items will vary depending on current priorities. An independent minute taker is responsible for recording the discussions and agreed actions taken at each meeting.


The Board of Trustees has delegated responsibility to two steering groups, the Executive Committee and the Funding Steering Group. Both have written terms of reference and the meetings are recorded and minutes submitted to the following trustee meeting:


The Executive Committee has authority to make any urgent decisions on behalf of the Board of Trustees outside of the regular monthly meetings within the framework of their terms of reference. Membership includes the Chair, Treasurer and another trustee.


The Funding Steering Group is the key body within the governance structure that is responsible for overseeing the securing of funding to enable us to deliver services. Support is strategic, ensuring that grant applications are developed that will support the delivery of the short and medium priorities identified in the strategic and business plans. They also provide practical support and review grant applications before submissions are made. Membership to the group includes the Chair, Treasurer, trustee with extensive funding experience, the Chief Executive (providing the link between strategic and operational) and the Funding Officer.